Butt-Kicking Pain....

by Gilbert Trenum
(Maysville, WV)

Over the course of my life I've had numerous surgeries. I've had surgeries on my legs, both knees replaced, both shoulders operated on (rotator cuffs), hit by car at 12 years old...

At 70 years old, I've had this kidney stent inserted after a kidney stone removal. I am convinced that this is as bad a pain as any I've ever had.

Having experienced much pain in my life, I did not think that this stent would amount to much or cause that much trouble. Boy was I ever wrong... absolutely! This is just about unbearable...

I'm really looking forward to getting it out in a couple of days. Can't wait...

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May 02, 2014
Stent Removed! NEW
by: Gilbert Trenum

Update: Had stent removed yesterday, May 1. Was not a bad experience, but not pleasant either... easier than I had expected... had a bad night last night, the first night it was removed. Lots of pain and trips to the bathroom.... Steady round of Percocet... Sat in the bathtub in HOT water twice for relief... Am not feeling very well today... washed out and crampy in the lower abdomen... no energy! Still have bouts of pain in kidney and bladder... wondering if I am dealing with another kidney stone... I'm perplexed... It has got to go up from here.

Apr 30, 2014
Been There! NEW
by: Anonymous

I've been there too, when a stone caused a blockage and a stent had to be inserted to push the stone back into the kidney and relieve the swelling of the kidney!
The stone pain is bad enough, but dealing with the kidney stent is no picnic either.
My heart goes out to you.
Hope you have it removed soon.
Some have issues with the removal. That too can be difficult. Be prepared...the ureter can have spasms for about a week. Hopefully you are one of the lucky ones and you don't have that problem.
My stent had to be in for about 10 weeks. By the time it was pulled, it was encrusted with stones.
Take care and keep us informed!

Apr 30, 2014
Kidney Stents Can Be a Pain - Hang In There NEW
by: Site Admin

Sounds like you've been through a lot in your lifetime and, thankfully, you've survived. It's really unfortunate that you have had to endure such pain and challenges with the kidney stent.

I am glad to hear that it will be removed soon. I pray that all will be well and you won't ever have to experience such pain and discomfort again.

Thank you so much for sharing and please take care of yourself.

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