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Kidney Blog

What Went Wrong (Kidney Stone & Stent)/ Don't Let This Happen To You!

I have a relative who was told to remove their own stent a few days after a 1.5 cm kidney stone was lasered/blasted into pieces. Those pieces didn't break

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Kidney Stones / Stents

I was rushed to A&E on New Year's Eve with severe pain and was diagnosed with a 0.6 mm stone in my left Ureter. I also had a temperature of 39.2 so I was

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Stent Through Y Junction Ureter

I have a Y junction ureter. I had a stone blasted with ESWL and a stent was placed through the Y junction to aid in passing the stone fragments. The stent

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Stents Are More Than A Pain-In-The-Butt

I was lucky enough to go to the hospital with diverticulitis. After an x-ray, they found the kidney stones. I was unaware of the stones at this point,

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The Worst 6 Months of My Life (With Stent)

I was diagnosed with a 12mm stone and was rushed to the hospital, as I couldn't expel fluids and my kidney was very enlarged. To my horror, they inserted

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First Time Stent

After several months of severe kidney pain, I had urgent surgery and a stent was fitted. I am taking painkillers and antibiotics as I had developed sepsis

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My Husband's Kidney Challenges

My husband has had a ureter ostomy since childhood. Around age 50 he started getting very sick, lethargic high fevers after 3 years of misdiagnosis, doctors

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Stent Fear Worse Than Actual Stent

I am a 44 year old male who was diagnosed with a 9.5mm stone about a month ago. This was my first stone. A few days after being sent to the ER from an

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Stent in Both Kidneys - Not Too Bad At All

Long story short, I was diagnosed last September 1st with stage 4 esophageal cancer which had spread into my liver. I was 57 years old and placed on an

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Left Kidney Stone Complications

About ten days after my initial ESWL procedure, and things were going well before that, I was readmitted to the emergency room for having severe abdominal

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