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Kidney Blog

Ureteric Stent

About 2 years ago I had a kidney stone which got lodged so I had to have a stent put in for about 10 weeks or so. The pain was excruciating and I ended

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My Kidney Stone Procedure and Stent

I had two kidney stones on my left side, one 6 mm and the other 8mm. The doctor went up and blasted them. He said I would have to have a stent in for

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Kidney Stone and Stent Experience

My name is Farooq from Shillong IM. I am 22 years old I'm having this kidney stone problem since about 3 years now. I took many medication, I even took

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Removing a Kidney Stent From a Female (Question?)

I am a disabled veteran that had a 6mm stone, which took three surgeries to remove. I have duplicated kidneys on both the left and right side. They are

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Painful Kidney Stent

I had a kidney stent fitted eight (8) weeks ago, to relieve blockage from a kidney stone... I am due for surgery anytime and the pain is unbearable...

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Unbearable Kidney Stent

After suffering a year with chronic pain, the right doctor diagnosed a 12 mm stone stuck and slowly on the move in my urethra. A last urgent rush to A&E

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Kidney Stent - Worst Pain Ever

June 24,2016 I took my husband into ER for fever. When we arrived his fever was 103.2 degrees. They tested his urine and found that he had an infection,

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Kidney Stent For Stone Stuck In Lower Left Ureter

I never imagined I would ever get a kidney stone but last month in the late evening I began to throw up about a dozen times and urinate about the same

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Kidney Stent Pain

On 11th of August 2016, I had a stent placed in my right kidney since I collapsed with pain from a 7mm stone that was blocking my ureter. I had the first

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Miserable Kidney Stent

After 4 days of excruciating kidney stone pain I finally went to the ER because the stone would not pass and I had a fever. Good thing I did, as the stone

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