Kidney Stone Hell

I went to an urgent care center on a Friday morning where they did an ultrasound. They said it was a 9mm stone and they set me up with a urologist the following Monday.

After visiting the doctor he tells me that the lithotripsy machine in not available until the following Monday. That meant that I had to endure extreme pain for over a week.

The Doctor gave me pain killers, antibiotics and Flomax to take during the week.

The Sunday before surgery, I could not take the pain anymore and ended up in the ER. The ER gave me iv pain killers and sent me home. Just 4 hours later I went back to the ER with extreme pain and uncontrollable vomiting. They kept me in the ER until the surgery.

I was so excited for the surgery as I thought that the pain would finally be over! That's not how it worked though.

My temperature spiked during surgery so they inserted a stent. The first time I went to the bathroom I almost passed out from the pain.

They kept me in the hospital for about 4 hours and sent me home with more pain killers, antibiotics, Azo, another drug for bladder spasms, and Flomax. That night was not so bad.

The Tuesday after surgery was the worst. It hurts to stand, walk, pee and just laying here. My fever keeps spiking up to around 102, so I pack myself with ice until it goes down. I feel like I have the flu.

Also, so much blood I can't decide if it's my period or what? I haven't been able to keep food down in 4 days. I am in hell!

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