My Urologist Put in a Stent and Left the Stone

by Leroy

Well, I was diagnosed with a 7mm kidney stone in my left UVJ. That is after doing ultrasound and IVP.

So I made an appointment to remove it using electrohydraulic lithotripsy and insertion of ureteric stent.

I woke up from anesthetic with a catheter, burst lips and painful neck and no stone removed. The doctor told me that I had a stricter in my penis that was too narrow for the urethroscope to pass so he made some incisions in it to clear the way.

After removing the catheter I made another appointmet for the electrohydraulic lithotripsy. This time only the stent was inserted and the stone was left again.

The story is that, where the stone was, my ureter was so thight that he could not push up the uretherscope. So he managed to insert the guided wire pass the stone and insert the stent to allow the kidney to drain. He said that it will also cause the ureter to dilate (enlargen) and the stone will pass out.

In my opinion, I think that the stone will press against the stent and prevent it from draining any urine. In short, I don't believe some of it... What's your opinion?

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