Stents Are More Than A Pain-In-The-Butt

I was lucky enough to go to the hospital with diverticulitis. After an x-ray, they found the kidney stones. I was unaware of the stones at this point, having no symptoms yet.

Well, the urologist talked me into having the stent put in. From what have learned after, that was a huge mistake.

Pain and very frequent peeing. The pain started for the first few days within the kidney. Having to pee every 20 to 30 minutes there was a lot of pain in the kidney every time but that finally wore off.

The frequency of peeing cut down somewhat to about once or twice an hour. The stones did pass while the stent was in, even though the doctor said they wouldn't.

Now I have a post-stent procedure, to help with the swelling. It's more of a pain than the first one. Peeing hurts like hell and doing anything but sitting down makes it feel like I need to pee.

So if at all possible my advice is to not get a stent.

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