7 Times With a Kidney Stent - I Would Rather Have The Stone!!

by Duncan Armfield
(Charlotte, NC)

In the last five (5) years, I have had seven (7) large kidney stones removed, and each time a stent was placed. I dread the stent, because I know I am one of the unfortunate people that cannot tolerate the stent.

For the week that the stent is in place, I am in almost constant "Renal Colic." When I urinate, it comes out very red, and it stays that way all week.

I am not a wimpy man, but the pain from the kidney stent is beyond words. The best way to describe it is to imagine someone taking a red hot knife, and pushing it into your back and twisting it.

My Doctor knows me, and knows that I am not a drug seeker, nor do I get addicted to the drugs he prescribes. I ask for more "Oxybutynin" which is a kidney spasm reliever. I am also prescribed "Oxycodone" 10mg immediate release. I am given 30 pills of the "Oxycodone" for the week while the stent is in.

When the stent is removed, I no longer take the meds, and am fine.

*** This is to the Doctors out there that have to treat patients. I do feel for you that you have to try to decide who is faking, and who is REALLY in pain and needs your help. And while you are trying to decide, this person could be in the worst pain of their lives.

PLEASE take care of the patients who really need you!!! We depend on you in our time of need.

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May 19, 2017
Ways To Not Make More Stones
by: Lady1954

What kind of stones are you making? If they are calcium oxalate, try the lemonade and ask your doctor about a supplement called Theralith X R. This supplement doesn't require a prescription. I asked my urologist about it when I saw a pamphlet in his office. I was making stones faster than they could be treated. Twice in four months, they caused a blockage. I followed a low oxalate diet for just over six months and took the supplement. It took a stent, three lithotripsies, which still left some stones. Nine months from when the first blockage happened, I was stone free and have stayed that way. That was back in 2013 and 2014.
Theralith X R can be bought online. One bottle is about $60. I started with one tablet daily and increased it by one tablet till I worked my way up to four tablets daily ( the recommended dose.). Much cheaper than the medical costs associated with the other treatments.

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