Enlarged Ureter (cause unknown) - Stent Placed

by Al Holman
(Omaha, NE USA)

Stent, friend or foe, I understand the logic for the stent. For the life of me, however, I don't know why money has not been invested for a better design or materials that can be used to bring the tolerance of these devices to be more bearable.

I just got my stent removed today after a month of it being in. The doctor took two biopsies and placed another stent in. I can tell you I was not too happy.

The biggest relief that this device could have is a one way flow valve placed in it, because urine reflux is a great amount of pain. Plus it is not good for the kidney to experience reflux over a long period of time.

I am glad that my ureter is no longer blocked. I would loved to know the reason why my ureter is enlarged though. All tests for cancer, cysts, stones are negative... This one has my urologist stumped and he even suggested that I might check out the Mayo Clinic.

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