Finally Stone Free!

by Charlene Crosthwaite
(Willimantic, CT)

After dealing with a 1.7 centimeter stone, a blockage, a stent, two lithotripsies, then another blockage and a third lithotripsy, I'm finally Stone Free!

I had a CT scan to check the renal oncocytoma that is located on my left kidney to see if it had changed in size over the last few months. I was thrilled to death to find there has been no change in the tumor. But the surprising thing was that no stone was there either.

Back in March I visited my urologist and was told that the 4 mm stone was still located in the lower pole of my kidney. I asked if it was small enough to pass without intervention and my urologist told me that I shouldn't have a problem after seeing the size stones I had passed in December.

Then about three weeks ago my side bothered me again, but not too badly and it felt like I might be getting a UTI (urinary tract infection). After a few days the slight burning stopped and the pain eased.

Since I hadn't been straining my urine, I had no way of knowing if anything passed. It was really mild compared to what I dealt with last summer.
Hopefully it is truly gone.

I continue to follow a low oxalate diet. Continue to consume plenty of water and lemonade (glass of water with about a quarter of a lemon squeezed into it and sugar substitute). I'm also sticking with the Theralith supplement that I slowly built up to four tablets per day.

If these things will keep me from making more stones and going through that agony again, I'm all for it! I've also added a bit more calcium to my diet by way of calcium rich food, especially cheese (my favorite is low fat string cheese).

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May 02, 2014
by: Charlene Crosthwaite

Thank you so much!
It's been extremely helpful to be able to post to sights and read to see what others have gone through.
For a while I thought perhaps I was just a wimp, but the pain with the stones was horrible. I truly feel bad for anyone who suffers from them.
I have a great relationship with my urologist and his staff (which wasn't always like that in the beginning).
Funny thing though, my urologist has told me twice that stones in the lower pole of the kidney usually stay there...apparently not for me!
Following the low oxalate diet isn't easy and the Theralith isn't cheap, but not having kidney stones is worth all of it!
I have heard of others who did straight lemon juice and the acid was bad on their teeth. Seems that deluted juice is just as good. I believe that a combination of all the things are what has brought me to this point!
Again, Thanks!

May 02, 2014
No More Kidney Stones
by: Site Admin

It's great news to hear that you are stone free. Sounds like you have been very diligent in taking preventative actions... Your discipline is commendable!

Thanks for sharing your story and the measures you are taking to prevent the formation of kidney stones. I am sure that others, in similar circumstances who read your story, will be encouraged to take the necessary preventative measures.

I hope that no more stones will ever develop and you won't ever have to endure the terrible pains.

Continue with the preventative measures and don't forget to check with your doctor regularly, to ensure that all stays well.

I wish you good health all the best in the future. Take care!

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