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First Kidney Stent Experience and Manageable

by Justin
(Brisbane, Quernsland, Australia )

Just had my first kidney stent put into my left kidney after I discovered I had been growing a 12 X 8mm kidney stone!!! Wasn't passing that one that's for sure.

The surgeon put in a stent and told me to come back within the month. My first pee was PAINFUL. The doc thinks they were bladder spasms. It felt like a sledge hammer to my left kidney for about 3 minutes. They gave me some medication after my 3rd pee after all my groaning in pain.

One week in and no major dramas. I do swimming training and get some blood in the urine and some discomfort but nothing normal pain killers can't handle. I drink a lot of water which helps.
Looking forward to getting it out though and getting back to normal.

The doctor is going to blast the stone on my next visit. I was told the stent will help my kidney back to healthy operation first then hit the stone and HOPEFULLY they will all be very very very very small on exit!!!

Will keep you posted after my next visit.

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