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First Kidney Stent...

by Justin
(Charlotte, NC)

So I was urinating blood for a few months, but only every once in a while. However, being a male patient and stubborn, I decided not to get it checked out. When I finally went to get a checked, I found out I had a 4x6mm stone in my left kidney.

We decided to wait but the doctor said he would like to use lithotripsy after the first of the New Year (fright before Christmas). I said no problem, because I was traveling for a week. After I returned, I went to do a CT-Scan to determine where the stone has moved to and the actual size if it. I was told that it was 10mm and I would never be able to pass it out in my urine.

The good news, I had no pain whatsoever!

Well, recently (last Saturday evening) I was sent to the ER for excruciating pain that I tried to fight for over four (4) hours. After vomiting and given some pain meds, I was out the door with some over the counter meds. I made it through Sunday and had an appointment on Monday for another X-ray to determine the location of the stone.

I barely made it into the office and was admitted that night. I had a stent placed this morning (Tuesday 14 January 2014) and was discharged this evening with pain meds.

I have constant pain while urinating and a lot of blood coming out, especially clots. I was told that this is normal because they were trying to place the stent around the stone and probably hit the ureter. They told me that this should go away, eventually. I also was lucky enough to get a slight infection now, so taking meds for that and hope that is where the majority of the burning is coming from.

I am scheduled to get the stone blasted in two weeks and find it odd that they wait so long. We all know what the problem is so why wait and put me through the pain and discomfort? I do have a job that I would like to get back to and a scheduled golf trip for this weekend (guys’ weekend of beer and golf) that was scheduled since a year ago.

I am not sure if drinking alcohol or golfing without taking meds is OK. At any rate... I’ll hope for the best and thank you to everyone for sharing your story.

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