Healthier - Kidney Stones Solution

by Annie

I had my 1st noticeable kidney stone in January 2012. I am a 36 yr old female. I have Cacchi Ricci Disease, which I Found out in November 2015. It is now August 2016.

I was told that I would be plagued with stones all my life. I am on my 2nd stent ... both of which have retracted into my bladder. Getting this one out soon, though I was hoping it would just fall out on its own.

Well... I haven't felt better in many years. I look better, I feel better. I'm gonna tell you a secret... baking soda... that's it. Did you know that it helps the kidneys? Did you know that people who have done dialysis and used it ... DIDN'T NEED DIALYSIS ANYMORE? Do you think the doctors will tell you this? No ... they won't.

It is simple. I put half a teaspoon in a bottle of water. I drink it every 3/4 days. I have been doing it for 2 months. I've had a few stones pass since ... but nothing like it was previously. Not the pain or the discomfort.

I have also been drinking CUCUMBER JUICE. Of course it is mixed with cranberry juice (plain cumber juice is bitter). I've also made homemade CUCUMBER WATERMELON JUICE. Drink it with or without the pulp. I strain mine with cheesecloth. Put in blender, add a tablespoon of water, strain.

Cucumbers dissolve kidney stones. Did you know this? No doctor ever mentioned either of these ... Yet I am living proof that they work. All I need is for them to take this useless stent out of my body ... then it will heal itself.

Just try it ... I'm not trying to sell you anything ... just handing out possibly valuable information ... Put the power of your life in your own hands.

I have and I feel like I use to feel before the stones... before the pains... before sepsis... before hospitals. What have you got to lose? Just try it ... it may not work for some people. .. it may work for all ... who knows unless you try.

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Aug 17, 2016
Useful Post
by: ShirleyFWilliams

Kidney stones are really a problematic disease. It hurts very badly which makes the passing of urine very difficult. This Post is very helpful and was an informative one. Thank you.

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