Healthy Kidney Died After a Couple Stents

by Hilary
(West London)

I am about to have a kidney removed... actually my left one.

It all started when I had a blockage of the ureter.

I had the first stent put in under local anaesthetic, through the kidney wall. That was in August last year (2015)... there wasn't anything wrong with my kidney.

The stent was then changed under full anaesthetic and the old one taken out via my bladder. A new stent was then put in via my bladder. That was late August and everything was generally okay.

On December 17th, 2015 I had the CT scan with the radioactive dye in it. It showed that my kidney was nearly dead. How in god’s name had that happened????????? I don't know.

Now it's got to be removed and I am really devastated

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