I Just Removed My Stent

by Carol Slack
(Covington , Georgia)

Well, on December 16, 2014, I was feeling very relaxed... Afraid at first, but I just took a pain pill, I am praying that the worst is over.

I received no feedback from my doctor as far a literature , diet, prevention. I am absolutely done with his services. He refused to take my stent out after the 10 days. I was miserable, with all the drugs I was given.

I am researching on my own and I will see another doctor that I was given by my wonderful pharmacist. I love you Walmart Pharmacist people!! God Bless!

My stone (size) started at 4 mm, ended up 7mm. I am praying that it was broken up during my procedure, however, it took a great deal of comments and research to make my decision to pull that string (to remove the stent)!! Thank you God!!

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Dec 29, 2014
Hope You're Feeling Better!
by: Charlene Crosthwaite

I'm hoping you are really feeling better. Stents can be extremely uncomfortable to begin with. Hopefully the stone is gone. Please make sure you continue to strain your urine, just to make sure. It took several weeks after my last procedure before I finally passed all the stone pieces. No easy task either. I started with a 1.7 centimeter stone.
Why your doctor didn't or wouldn't give you more information doesn't say much for the doctor. Did you ask questions? Why wouldn't they pull the stent? You were fortunate there was a string, mine had none and thus had to be removed by my urologist with a scope inserted into my bladder to grasp the end of the stent that had been placed in my left ureter. Because the stent was encrusted with stone debris, it was a bit difficult to grasp. I was told to take the Tramadol that had been prescribed earlier by my urologist.
Had a almost a week of pain and spasms after the stent was removed. My urologist told me that my bladder was loaded with a large amount stone debris.
My urologist took the time to answer all my questions and when I asked about ways of preventing more stones from forming, I was given a pamphlet about foods to avoid. I have calcium oxalate stones. I took that one step further by contacting a dietitian who referred me to others in her field because she wasn't sure either. I followed a low oxalate diet for a year. Lost nearly 30 lbs., which is a good thing. I also asked my urologit about a supplement called Theralith XR. My doctor had the pamphlets in the exam room. I asked him if he thought they might help in my case and he told me that they certainly couldn't hurt considering what I had already gone through and that he had samples if I wanted to try them first to see how my body reacted to them. We talked about it and it was decided that I would start with just one tablet daily with a meal and then gradually increase the dosage until I was taking the maximum dose of four tablets daily. It took about six months to do this. I also read about consuming at least half my body weight in ounces of liquid (mostly lemonade, water or green tea).
At this point I have moved kidney stones that my urologist was sure would stay in the lower pole of my kidney (not once, but twice). He just shook his head when it happened and asked me what I did (because it caused a second blockage and a third lithotripsy had to be done.) I wasn't sure that just by doing those three things made a difference, but at this point, I'm certain that they did and continue to do so.
My urologist continues to monitor me (as I have a benign mass on my kidney also), but I'm am now stone free...have been since last March 2014. Last CT scan was in September. He told me that I could try adding some of the high oxalate food back into my diet in moderation. I continue to take the supplement (although I took samples for several months). At $50 every three months (not nearly as bad as ER visits or lithotripsies. The supplement changes the chemistry inside your kidneys.
Hopefully, you know what your stones were made up of so you can prevent forming more.
It's so important to form a good relationship with your urologist. I really like mine...I wasn't sure as first, but he has shown me that he does care and will listen and take the time to answer questions. He also won't do invasive surgery unless there is no other way of dealing with the situation! So glad I have him and his staff to turn to.
Good luck with the new doctor and wish you a Happy Healthy New Year in 2015!

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