Kidney Bladder Stent and Kidney Stone.

by GJB

I had a severe kidney and bladder infection and on the verge of sepsis. I was admitted to hospital. Kidney stone blocked my kidney from draining and I was suffering throbbing pulsating pain along with the sharp pain of the stone. Had fever and ended up with chills that had me shaking uncontrollably.

A stent was inserted but they could not remove the stone because of the pus and infection... I had threatening sepsis. They felt I could pass the stone on my own with the stent. I don't know if I have or not. Pain is constant!!

It is 10 days post stent placement and I am miserable. No fever but pain from stent and in back. I have had 6 back surgeries so not sure pain is from my back or kidney.

I started peeing red blood again today. It has been clear to pink all along except one day I was peeing LOTS of red blood. I am drinking the required amount of water or more but dread peeing. It hurts so bad!! Pain is ALWAYS there!!

Tomorrow I am scheduled for UA and culture to make sure infections are clearing up or gone. I am scheduled for stent and/or stone removal on Jan 6... Hopefully!!! I had to go off antibiotics after three days at home because of diarrhea. I have had c-diff before and was horribly sick!! I went on probiotics as soon as I got home from hospital anticipating this. I am afraid I still have infections. C-diff is very contagious and can be deadly. My 2 Year old grand daughter almost died from it. So I am very fearful of spreading it if I have or had it. The diarrhea stopped after start of probiotics so they cannot test me.

Be careful of antibiotics and always start probiotics when you get home. I plan to continue to take them maybe indefinitely.

Take care and good luck!!

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