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Kidney disease treatments

Kidney disease treatments are determined by the types of kidney problem and the degree of severity.

Also, treatment options can include traditional medicines and/ or alternative treatment options.

In some cases, a change in diet and lifestyle habits are adequate.  If, however, kidney disease becomes severe, medical intervention might be necessary.

It is always advisable to consult with your health care provider, to determine the most appropriate treatment options.

Kidney stent

Kidney Stent

Kidney stent (ureteric stent) is a tube-like device used for drainage between the kidney and the bladder. It is used when there is blockage within the urinary tract.

Medical Consultation

Renal Failure Treatment

Kidney failure treatment is determined by the severity and causes of renal failure. Treatment options include diet, medication, dialysis, kidney transplant.

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes treatment consists of both natural and conventional methods. Treatment options primarily depend on the type of diabetes and severity.

Lower blood pressure

Natural Hypertension Treatment

Hypertension can be treated or managed by conventional medication and/ of alternative, natural options.  Regular exercise, adequate rest and reduced stress levels are important elements that can help to lower blood pressure naturally.

Water helps kidney stones

Kidney Stones Treatment

Kidney stone treatment options can be surgical or non-surgical.   Some stones can be dislodged by simply drinking enough water.  Others require medical intervention, such as lithotripsy.



Dialysis is a process of purifying blood with the aid of a machine (dialysis machine). It is the primary treatment for end stage renal disease (ESRD).

Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure that involves removal of a healthy kidney from a donor and transplanting it to a kidney patient.

Prescription Medicine

Kidney Infection Treatment

When there is infection of the kidneys, prompt treatment is essential.  Kidney infection treatment is most effective when the condition is caught early.

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