Kidney Dysfuction

For the 3rd time my daughter's doctor will be inserting a stent because he wants to see if it relieves the pain from the kidney.

He removed scar tissue last year from the kidney, thinking that was the cause of her pain. A stent was left in place after surgery. After some weeks of pain and discomfort he removed it but the kidney started being painful again.

Now, the doctor wants to place a stent in again to see if the pain will be relieved. He says if the stent does not relieve the pain then the problem is coming from somewhere else.

My daughter has been going through so much and so many invasive tests, how can this doctor not figure out what the problem is since this is supposed to be his field of expertise? We are so frustrated!!

The Doctor told her if the kidney is not the problem then it might be a vertebrae somewhere in her back!! But if her kidney is failing and giving numbers from 29 to 15 in about 1-2 months' time, they are saying that the kidney might have to be removed. Why is he hesitating in doing this when my daughter told him to just do it?

A week ago she found a little blood in her urine, and the doctor didn't even acknowledge that because they took a sample and said it was normal. But they didn't bother to tell her why there was blood in her urine to begin with. Not very informative! It's torture!!!

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