Kidney Stent Aftermath

At 21 years old, I underwent surgery for my second bout of kidney stones. The first bout was at age 12 and did not require surgery to remove. As a new patient of renal surgery, I was anxious.

Fortunately, everything seemed to be going okay. The stent was a bit uncomfortable and urination was pretty painful, but I was happy to have the calcium stone gone.

Eventually I returned to the urologist for removal of the stent. It was painful though manageable until the removing tool entered my bladder. It was at this time that I almost passed out. I was comforted afterwards by the relief of closure. Little did i know that the painful urination was not over...

In fact, almost 7 months after the kidney stones removal it is still moderately painful. The urologist does not seem very concerned despite being given a timeline of a matter of weeks for healing 6-7 months ago. I feel they are not really listening.

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