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Kidney Stent and Urethral Pain

by Margaret

For a month I had a small 2mm kidney stone that the doctor said would pass...

It never did and the pain was horrible.

So they did a procedure to see if they could grab it...no such luck. It seems I have a very abnormally small ureter and that stone was never going to pass.

So they placed a stent and sent me home....telling me the stent should stretch that ureter so that in 10 days when they remove the stent the stone should follow. They told me it might be uncomfortable.

I had painful burning when I woke up. Urinating felt like fire and was very hard to get any stream going. They said pyridium would work with a half hour and the burning in urethra would be gone the next day.

It has been 5 days and the pain in urethra just gets more and more unbearable. Forget frequent urges....its constant every second of every hour of the day that I have horribly painful urge to go.

I am living on the commode forcing every bit of urine. When I spoke to the doctors they told me to take pain meds, which don't do anything but make me throw up. So they say take Zifran then pain meds, still nausea but no vomiting and the pain isn't helped.

I've tried ibuprofen as much as a person can take and of course drink lots of water, which by the way, is very hard to do because it makes all the symptoms work.

So I really have been sitting or lying down. Any movement is agony and I feel like a fire hot poker is jammed up my urethra. I would rather have the horrible kidney stone pain.

It would help if anyone had told me that long lasting urethral agony was even a possible side effect. Instead I got told "yeah I am sorry".

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