Kidney Stent For Stone Stuck In Lower Left Ureter

by L
(San Diego, Ca)

I never imagined I would ever get a kidney stone but last month in the late evening I began to throw up about a dozen times and urinate about the same amount within a short time.

I drove myself to the ER. I had cramping on my left side and very dehydrated at that point. I was immediately admitted and my blood pressure was high.

They determined I had an 8mm kidney stone in the lower ureter and I had to be transferred to another hospital that had urologists. Had IV and was not able to drink or eat for many hours until emergency surgery was done and stent put in. I stayed overnight at hospital.

After a week I attempted to pull the blue string of stent the string broke and the stent was stuck and leaking urine everywhere. I ended up at ER again where they had to pull out stent. It was tightly stuck and had a suction sound when removed.

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