Kidney Stent Hell

by Debs
(Northern Ireland)

I have had problems with kidney stones for years.

Four weeks ago I was taken to hospital in agony. I was told that I had a very large kidney stone, which couldn't be removed, because of an existing heart condition.

So, they inserted a stent to ease the discomfort and limit damage. But since the stent was put in, I have been in agony and had another stay in hospital.

Because of the pain, I cannot even sit down for five (5) minutes without severe pain. I also experience bleeding when I pee and the feeling of being ripped open from inside.

Until I read other people's experiences I thought I was going mad as all doctors etc. say it is not as painful as much as it is uncomfortable.

I have another two (2) weeks of this and I really don't know if I can cope. I have become very moody and tearful and that is so unlike me. So if anyone is considering a stent say no, unless it is absolutely necessary... It truly is not worth this.

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