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Kidney Stent? ...Never Again

by Sonya
(Adirondack Mountains, NY)

I had a stent placed after kidney stone surgery last week. I was discharged just a few hours after surgery. By that night, I was buckled over crying in agony.

The pain caused by the stent was worse than the 7mm stone. For all 5 days that the stent was in place, I dreaded going to the bathroom. Each time I urinated, there was a sharp stabbing pain from my bladder up to my kidney. I had to lay down on my back for most of the 5 days, other positions caused severe pain.

When I went to have the stent removed today, the doctor was shocked while looking through the camera up in my ureter/ kidney. The stent was all tangled up and dislodged from where it was supposed to be. I knew in my heart that this was why I was buckled over crying in agony the night I got home, and suffered severe pain all 5 days. I bled large amounts of blood in my urine each day.

An over-the-counter medicine, called AZO helped a bit, as well as the Percocet the doctor prescribed. Ice packs helped a bit too.

I will never, ever agree to having a stent again.

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Feb 14, 2017
Kidney stent surgery
by: Heather

I have to have a lovely stent surgery on 22nd.i do't know if I want to go through with it because I have to not take any more pain pill and other vitamis. So I don't know if I can go thought with it and having the blood aand pain ever time I go to the bathroom and the burning neither

Aug 15, 2016
I'd rather have stent pain than kidney stone pain
by: Anonymous

I am now on my fourth stent. In reality, the pain of a large unable to pass stone on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst comes in as a 10. The stent is a 2 in comparrison. yes it's uncomfortable, I'm tired most of the time, it lets me know it's in place in everything that I do...BUT...I still have my kidney, it's still working and eventually the stent will be taken out 😊. Plus side, my family won't let me do anything, no cooking, shopping, ironing, lifting and I'm going to take full advantage of the situation. On a brighter note, research indicates that a self disolving stent is being designed 😀...yes please!

Aug 10, 2016
Kidney stone
by: Val

I had a stent put in begining of June because of kidney stone I have never been so frustrated in my life going to toilet 24 7 I keep telling my doctor I'm in so much discunfort just to be told I will be sent for soon this morning I received my letter to have it removed 15 sep but I don't even know if my stone as gone I wouldn't wish this on anyone as I really do know what people are going through😡

Jul 10, 2015
dont be scared
by: Anonymous

you have just had a bad exsperience they should of put you to sleep for this,mines removed now and i feel great,try and let another doctor do it it will solve the problem in the end

Jul 09, 2015
stent removal gone wrong
by: A little Scared

I have been dealing with kidney stone stuff a lot. My urologist removed two stones and placed a stent. My stent fell out. I thought all was ok, but then I was having a hard time urinating and having a lot of pain. So my Urologist put in another stint. It was ok for two days or so. Then I was getting such awful pain and tons of blood and blood clots. We called the office and my dr was out so this other Dr decided to have me come in the office. He would take a look in my bladder then most likely take my stent out. I was wide awake for this. He kept trying to put these thing inside me and it was so uncomfortable. After several times I lost it..it hurt so bad. I said "stop.plesase stop.get away from me". He would not...several nurses came in and had to physically remove the Dr. I still have the stent in. I am very afraid and hurting but scares to let anyone else try to take it out. I don't know what to do or handle this. My husband heard me yelling and i guess that is why he was removed by those nurses?

Mar 16, 2015
stent in right kidney
by: lucas ford

i was rushed into hospital with kidney stone they operated on me and put stent in,i dread going to pass water as it always seems to contain a lot of blood but i also get stinging while peeing and have a contant dull pain in kidney with stent,i have found that being in a hot bath takes the pain right away i may try using hot water bottle when i sleep,what i would like to know is how much blood is it safe to urinate out as it makes me feel quitye ill every time i see this,i also dont seem to have a lot of energy just walking a mile to a shop on route i feel i need to urinate even if my bladder not full if anyone could advise me on what to exspect would be most gratefull

Mar 04, 2015
My stent
by: Wendy

I have a stent place due to a large kidney stone and infection. It is terrible. Every time I stand I have this urgent need to go to the bathroom and walking is the same. I have pain after urinating. They are removing it in a few weeks, problem is I have to travel four hours in a train to Brisbane. Do not know if this is possible.

Jul 10, 2014
How Did It Happen?
by: CCrosthwaite54

Apparently, the stent either shifted or got tangled when the doctor inserted it!

Why in the world didn't they check to make sure it was inserted right?

I had a kidney stent inserted last June to relieve a blockage! I was in so much pain from the blockage I was willing to do anything to stop the pain. The stent was extremely uncomfortable and was left in through two lithotripsies.

I'd be wondering why the doctor didn't have a KUB x-ray done to make sure there wasn't some type of problem with the excess bleeding.
Did they do a lithotripsy (blasting) or did they surgically remove the stone?

I hope everything is better now!
Hopefully you are doing everything you can to prevent more stones from forming!

Good luck!

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