Kidney Stent - Oh The Pain!

by Kitty

Two (2) weeks ago, I woke up at around 10am screaming in pain. I was taken to the hospital where I found out that I had a kidney stone.

Eventually, they sent me home with weak pain killers. Two (2) days later, well more like one day (it was midnight on Friday), I was back in the hospital. I spent the night and was sent to have emergency surgery to insert a kidney stent because the stone was stuck.

I was put to sleep and woke up about 3 hours later with pain in the crotch and the need to pee. The nurses refused to help, saying "it's just a feeling". But they were wrong. I quickly got out of bed and went to the bathroom where I peed blood.

I was sent home half an hour later. Two (2) days later I was back in the hospital, because the stent was causing severe pain. I ended up on morphine pills. I felt that I needed to get the stent out ASAP but when my appointment came around, I was told to stop taking the pain meds and it will stay.

Now I'm waiting on my next appointment to blast the stone. No clue when though. Still painful and still need morphine once in a while. The doctor gave me no Info on this.

This experience has been horrible... Peed blood and panicked, had severe pain in kidney when peeing, I feel burning in my crotch if I'm active.

I learned it all by going through it and looking it up.

Now, the stone was small enough to be removed, but the doctor pushed it back into my kidney and left it there.

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