Kidney Stent Pain

by Jeremy
(Cork city, Ireland )

On 11th of August 2016, I had a stent placed in my right kidney since I collapsed with pain from a 7mm stone that was blocking my ureter.

I had the first blast of lithotripsy yesterday (on 29th October). This is Ireland and our one and only machine travels around the country taking months.

My problem is that the stent is causing me all sorts of bother since day one. From blood in the urine to extreme pain/ spasms even from walking.

The technician performing the lithotripsy yesterday advised that I should demand that the stent be removed, as I am too young and the stone small. Can anybody here give me advice?

I will be going to the hospital in a couple days to demand that they take out the stent since I cannot put up with it anymore and cannot keep missing work! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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