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Kidney Stent- Permanent?

by margie
(las vegas nv)

I've had a kidney stent put in recently. It was not because of kidney stones, but just for a blockage.

It has now been a week later and it is very uncomfortable. I am very conscious of the stent. I was hoping that by now I would have gotten used to it. I would usually bounce back MUCH faster but this is proving to be quite a challenge.

It is affecting my ability to work properly. If I do anything slightly strenuous, which is involved in my job, I feel pain in the area of my kidney and bladder. I also tend to feel very tired.

I am really hoping that this gets better, soon. I am anxious for things to return to normal so that I can do my job and other tasks, without the pain, discomfort and tiredness. I guess I'll just have to be patient and wait until things improve... not too long from now (I hope).

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Sep 13, 2014
in the same boay
by: Carol

I had a stent put in this past Wed. And had mild discomfort and the annoying feeling of having to void every 10 minutes. Today I have been very tired and and constipated from the meds. Working on that issue, but and uncomfortable. Stentis supposed to come out in 2 weeks which can't come too soon.

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