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Kidney Stent Removal Gone Wrong

by Christy

My urologist removed two kidney stones three weeks or so ago and placed a stent. The stent fell out the next day but everything seemed okay.

Then I started having a hard time going to the bathroom and I was having awful kidney pain and lower back pain.

My urologist put in another stent. I was fine for two days then it was super painful and I was bleeding and passing blood clots. I called the doctor's office but my doctor was on vacation.

They told me to drink a lot of water and rest. I tried but they did not seem to understand sitting and lying was so uncomfortable to the point that I would be crying.

The office had me come in to see another urologist in the office. This doctor would look in my bladder and most likely take out my stent. They got me all prepped and then the doctor came in. He kept telling me to relax.

He started putting those things in me...long metal things. It hurt so badly. I tried taking deep breaths. The doctor became frustrated or something, but he continued to put the things up me. I was crying and shaking.

It got so bad and intense that I told the doctor to "stop, please, I need a break, go away from me". I said "leave me alone and don't touch me". At this point, the nurses were going in and out.

I guess my husband heard me and sent some people back to see what was going on. Finally two people removed the doctor. The Nurses got me down and I was shaking covered in blood. They said something was wrong with the doctor and they took him to the ER.

My husband said "what do I do with my wife?" That's when they scooted us out the door with meds.

I still have the stent in... I want it out but given my horrible ordeal, I am too afraid at the same time. I really don't know what to do?

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Jul 09, 2018
Kidney stone operation
by: Maria


A disable lady had an kidney stone removal but when she came out of hospital there is a leak where toxins from the operation are leaking or from her back and tbig bruises. She's been buying pads and using it to cover the leakage everyday. The doctor fail to heal her and said her kidney was fine. It's not fine because she's in constant pain. Does anyone know what's the problem with her back leakage

Mar 27, 2016
by: BJ Rindy

Oh my! I feel for you. The thought of them putting the medical devices in there while one is awake is horrible.
I wonder why that doctor was suddenly taken to the ER?

Jul 12, 2015
My Stent Removal
by: Charlene Crosthwaite

My biggest issue was the fear of having it removed. After the first lithotripsy, my (then) urologist decided to remove the stent. When I questioned why he was removing it and not doing another lithotripsy (which had been scheduled and then cancelled), he told me that he felt I didn't need a second procedure. When I asked if the stones were now small enough to pass, he said they weren't that small. He went on to tell me that I must not handle pain very well which was why I was taken to a larger hospital to have the stent inserted to begin with and that the incident must have happened on a Sunday. I had called their office repeatedly from the previous Monday (they blockage occurred on a Thursday morning.) He also told me that their patients weren't usually sent to another hospital. He told me that he felt I wanted some sort of assurance that I wouldn't have more issues with the stones, but he couldn't give me that either. I couldn't believe that he would treat a patient that way. His arrogance was horrible! I refused to let him remove the stent and he got an attitude, told me to dress and walked out the door. He told me he would schedule another lithotripsy, but it would be with his partner and walked away from me. This was a urologist that couldn't take the time to see me before the procedure or after it that day at the hospital. As a matter of fact, I demanded that his partner take the time to talk to me before and after the next procedure. Which did happen. By the way, so did another stone blockage which meant a third lithotripsy. The stent was removed by the urologist that I have still today. It was encrusted with pieces of stones and difficult to grab. There was some blood and many pieces of stones. I had spasms for almost a week after the stent was removed and was told that I wouldn't have to have another stent inserted for the third procedure. That was November 2013. I have stayed stone free since then. I watch my salt intake and diet and drink lots of lemonade. I also take a supplement recommended by my urologist. He's a great doctor. Very compassionate with a good listening ear. My original urologist was offered a position at a local hospital and thus isn't seeing patients anymore. Thank God! He acted like an a**!

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