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Kidney Stent - The Saga Continues

by Victoria
(McCordsville, IN)

This is the second time I have had a kidney stone. Even with heavy pain relievers, the pain did not abate.

I was able to get in to the doctor on day 3 of this roller coaster ride. At that visit, it was explained that the doctor would hope to remove the stone, but may have to put in a stent due to several circumstances.

My circumstance was mainly that a fever had developed indicating possible infection behind kidney stone blockage. Infection was confirmed- no way to remove it today.

Procedure to remove... so with removal of the stone not possible, I will go to hospital next week, after things settle down. Currently, the stent has removed the high level kidney pain and will allow me to resume normal activities.

The stent truly settled the symptoms caused by the kidney stone. The only issue is a bit of dull pressure from the flexible rubber stent.

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