Kidney Stent - Worst Pain Ever

by Terrence Tanksley
(Augusta Ga UNITED States )

June 24,2016 I took my husband into ER for fever. When we arrived his fever was 103.2 degrees.

They tested his urine and found that he had an infection, due to kidney stone. So they admitted him into ICU well after lots of blood work. They discovered that he had bacteria in his blood!!

The following day a urologist came to visit and advised my husband that it would be best to insert a kidney stent. Well, later that day he went for day surgery and he was released the next day.

The stent was supposed to be removed in two (2) weeks. Well, since June 25, 2016 my husband has been to ER after ER with severe kidney infections to severe UTI's the whole five (5) months. They wouldn’t remove the stent due to lack of health insurance.

Well, now he has health insurance and still no help. The urologist won't return any calls and the ERs don't take him seriously. They simply give him antibiotics and send him away.

He has been experiencing confusion, abdominal pain, blood in urine, puss in urine and back pain. He has lost 45 lbs in 5 months.

This was the worst experience in mine and his life. We are still seeking medical help before it is too late.

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