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Kidney Stents Are Diabolical!

by BJ Rindy

The pain of passing the kidney stone was more barable then enduring this awful stent.

I only had a 5mm stone but they say my uerters are more narrow then what they should be which is why the stone was not able to pass. It took the stone over 2 weeks to move less then an inch.

The stent is so the uerters don't swell shut and so the busted up stone can pass more easily.

I understand that the reason for the stent is serious and not to be played around with which is why I endure this crap and leave it in there.

But the side affects of a stent are unbearable such as:

  • Having to pee every 30 minutes;

  • Peeing what feels like burning acid out;

  • Bladder cramps that are so sever they are comparable to the early stages of labor pains;

  • Constant 24/7 irritation and pain in the urethra on the inside and on the outside;

  • Kidney pain in your back and side;

  • Pain "down there" when sitting down;

  • Pain "down there" when standing up as if things are falling out and down and out of place or whatever;

  • Constant throbbing in the bladder and urethra making it seem like you have to pee all the time;

  • Leaking pee out of the stent out of your urethra down your leg and you have no control over it which means you have to wear pads or diapers.

  • I'm sure everyone's experience is different ranging from good to bad but my experience has not been good. I have been having to take the strong prescription narcotic pain pills the doctor gave me just to knock my butt out so I don't have to feel anything.

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