kidney stents slipped out into the aorta

by Phyllis
(FWB, Florida)

Sometime ago, a kidney stent I had a kidney stent inserted, because of my atherosclerosis and my continued high blood pressure, even after taking blood pressure medications.

I subsequently had some tests done by a cardiologist who told me that he saw the stent sticking out into my aorta. I was very concerned about this and the cardiologist suggested that I should get it checked.

I then called the medical facility that inserted the stent and told them what the cardiologist said. They didn't seem that concerned and told me not to worry about it, which I found to be a little strange... So consequently, nothing was done.

Now my blood pressure is always high and so are my albumin and micro albumin levels... which are indications of kidney problems. So now what - should I continue to ignore it until I need a new kidney?

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