Kidney Stone and Stent Experience

by Farooq Nongrum

My name is Farooq from Shillong IM. I am 22 years old I'm having this kidney stone problem since about 3 years now. I took many medication, I even took herbal medicine. I had five (5) stones but four (4) came out and one got stuck in my urinary tract.

The doctor suggested that I undergo a surgery but when the doctor started he found out that my kidney was not working properly, because my urinary tract got blocked because of the stone. He inserted a stent and told me that my surgery will be done after a week so I came home.

I had lots and lots of water and when I was at home I felt that my stone came out. So I went to the hospital and the doctor advise me to undergo a scan. After getting a report I found out that my stone is no more in the urinary tract but has gone in the bladder.

So I'll be going to the hospital and just hope that I won't be undergoing a surgery anymore. 😊

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