Kidney Stones... Kidney stent

by Darren
(B.ham England )

At the start of a new year, just after Christmas, I was rushed to hospital with kidney stones. The pain was unbelievable.

I was then back and forth in the hospital over four months with severe pain. I passed three stones naturally, which was so pain full. The last stone, however, moved down to my groin so I was rushed to hospital again.

I had a CT scan, which confirmed that the stone was in my groin. The urologist said he would insert a stent to push the stone into the stent on the way in, and then it should pass naturally like the last three. Oh no!!... It pushed it back into my kidney.

The pain was severe. I started passing blood in my urine and it felt like I was passing razors. My kidney was swollen and I was in so much pain, for over five weeks. To make things worse I developed an infection so I was given antibiotics.

I was told that you can't get rid of an infection if it's in the stent or kidney. It sounded a bit strange... but I am no doctor.

I have been put on the cancellation list for another operation... So I have to live with this pain until it comes through, as there is a shortage or surgeons.

In the mean time I am passing blood, blood, blood. That's all I can say folks... hoping tomorrow will give me the pain free life!

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Sep 15, 2015
good Post
by: Anonymous

It’s been a week since I start reading and I become a fan, your posts are very informative. I’ll recommend your blog to my friends.

Jun 08, 2015
by: Charlene Crosthwaite

Been in the same position you are in and feel really bad for you, because it's horrible.
Make sure you drink lots of lemonade and water. Do they know what type of stones they are? If they are calcium oxalate, the lemon helps to break them up. Worked for me on several stones after three lithotripsies. Also worked for my husband in April when he was diagnosed with a 5mm stone. He passed it in pieces on his own. Good luck and keep us updated!

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