Kidney stones

by Kevin Hunter
(Dearborn, Michigan)

I was diagnosed with kidney stones last year. Had 2 laser surgeries on my left and one on the right. Now I am in pain again and seriously considering have a stent put in. I am in constant pain at home and work and feel like screaming.

A Note about Kidney Stones and Stents

Kidney stones can be very painful, especially when they cause blockage within the ureter. Many patients with severe kidney stones problem describe it as possibly one of the most painful health conditions.

Enlarged kidney stones can cause obstruction of the urinary tract and restrict the normal flow of urine. Urine trickles rather than flows through the urinary tract, resulting in the need to urinate often. Blockage of the urinary tract causes urine to back-up in the urinary tract, which results in inflammation and pain during urination. Once blockage occurs, one of the most bothersome symptoms of kidney stones is mild to severe pains.

Any blockage within the urinary tract that affects the flow of urine can be dangerous. Urine that is backed-up in the kidneys causes infections and can also cause serious damage to the kidneys. It is, therefore, vitally important for any blockage to be promptly relieved.

A kidney stent is used to relieve obstruction (such as kidney stone) on a temporary basis.

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Oct 23, 2013
Kidney Stent and Kidney Stones
by: Site Admin

I sympathize with you... kidney stones can be extremely painful.

If there is blockage of the ureter, your doctor may recommend a kidney stent, until the stone has been dislodged. This is, however, a temporary resolution.

You should ask your doctor to investigate the reason for your recurring kidney stones problem. Once the source of the problem is identified, measures can then be taken to find a long term solution.

Remember to drink lots of water and pay attention to your diet!

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