Kidney Stones


Well I had two large stones in my kidney. The doctors blasted one that finally passed out.

I have another one in the upper kidney area and I'm hoping this one will stay quiet and not cause any problems. They hurt so much... there is nothing you can do.

I was down for about four (4) months. I could not sit, I had to lay on my side. I could not even go to mass. I lost a lot of time.

Now I have this pain up inside from the stent. I have tried med to heel the insides but it is taking a long time. I hope this will soon be healed so I won't have to go through much more suffering.

I wouldn't want anyone to have to experience what I am going through with these kidney stones. They hurt so much I actually cried.

As much as possible, please do all you can to avoid developing kidney stone... Be careful of what you eat and drink enough water everyday. I hope not one will have to go through this terrible experience!

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