Laser the stone with stint

I had a kidney stone with complete blockage on my right side. I had surgery done.

When I woke up I felt like my penis was on fire. It was just the stent and the urgency that felt like I had to pee. When I did my first pee was filled with blood.

The stent is very annoying. Not to mention very difficult to sleep with one in, especially if you like to sleep on your side.

You're going to lose sleep either way so you might as well drink plenty of water because it hurts more when you're just peeing blood.

Also there will be blood clots in chunks getting caught on the string so you must keep it clean. I used flushable wipes to keep myself clean.

I have not had the stent removed yet so I can't tell you whether that's going to hurt bad or not but from what I hear it will. So its a week of hell but hopefully well worth it

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