Left Kidney Stone Complications

by Christopher White
(Greenville, South Carolina)

About ten days after my initial ESWL procedure, and things were going well before that, I was readmitted to the emergency room for having severe abdominal pain. The doctors contributed the pain to complications passing stones and Renal Hematoma.

The next morning I was brought into surgery for cystoscopy removal of stacked stones in my left ureter. The surgeon was unable to retrieve the stones and inserted a stent.

After waking up, I had to urinate and was unable to. The doctors waited a little while and informed me that they were going to catheterize me and send me home with catheter inserted for six days. I was still in severe abdominal pain and refused the catheter and release.

Eventually, after one painful catheter attempt and numerous heated debates over the issue, I signed myself out of the hospital in more pain than being admitted. Two hours later, I checked back into another hospital where I was also diagnosed with diverticulitis. They said they would admit me and that is when I allowed to be catheterized.

Three more days in the hospital then I was released and came home with stent in place. Seven days have passed now, I can clearly feel the stent. First few days, area is very tender with moments of moderate pain and discomfort. Last few days, level of intensity has lessened.

I am still very weary of bending, twisting, picking up light items and generally exerting pressure in the abdomen area. Overdoing it in easy walking and very light duty house cleaning causes the discomfort level to get up to four to six on the pain scale. Otherwise it is not all that bad and is tolerable.

I can't wait to get it out and not have to worry about the physical limitations. Thanks for listening and hope this helps others know what they might expect and ease their anxiety.

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