Miserable Kidney Stent


After 4 days of excruciating kidney stone pain I finally went to the ER because the stone would not pass and I had a fever. Good thing I did, as the stone was one centimeter and stuck at the junction of the ureter and the kidney.

I was told that if I did not have a stent placed that I would lose a kidney. The kidney had swelled up so much from the urine backing up and I was in extreme pain.

I am thankful I had the stent put in to save my kidney, however, nothing prepared me for the following month that I had the stent in place. I was able to go to work as I have an office job however I brought the heating pad with me every day and I didn't walk around much. It was miserable to walk stand or do anything. I would come home from work and the only thing I would do is lay down. This was my life for a whole month.

I just had the stent taken out two weeks after lithotripsy. Having the stent taken out was another nightmare. Although it was short-lived the pain was much worse than I had expected. It felt like barbed wire as they pulled the stent out. I am glad this ordeal seems to be behind me after one month.

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