My Body Makes Kidney Stones

by Laurie Markhorst
(Orlando Florida)

My name is Laurie... my body makes kidney stones.

This statement might seem strange but I have had 12 large stones 7mm, 9.2mms etc., removed since 2004. That's at least one stone a year. In each case I've had to use stents.

My body always goes crazy with pain from the stents. The first 5 days I can't sit, stand, lay for goodness sakes I can't breathe because of the pain.

I just had another stone 7.5mms recently removed on 7/21/15. Again another stent was inserted.

It seems like the doctors treat kidney stone removal as an in and out surgery in hours. Each time I end up back in the hospital within 24 hours because the pain is too much. This time I convinced them to keep me for 36 hours and it seems to have helped.

I have been home for two (2) days now and the only problem this time is they didn't give me enough pain meds to last. I am scheduled to get the stent out on Tuesday but will be out of meds by Sunday.

I am in a real panic because I know the pain is coming. If anyone knows anything I can do at home to help I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Good luck to all... Kidney stones are no joke. I delivered all 5 of my children naturally and this pain does not compare.

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Oct 01, 2015
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by: jordanwer

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Jul 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

I too seem to create a kidney stone about every 9 months. I do not have the great pain from the stents. The last one I could feel it when I peed but not any other time. I am not a doctor but this doesn't seem right. My surgeon said you should be able to feel them but no pain. My suggestion is to ask the doctor if you could be having a reaction to the stent. Can they try a different type. Maybe you are allergic to it. or maybe they are leaving it too long.
Maybe they are using a too large around stent. It seems that your doctor maybe isn't taking your pain serious enough. Pain killers are not a nice thing to take either. They mask a real problem in this situation I think. Ask the surgeon to do something more.

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