My Husband's Kidney Challenges

by uuubaby

My husband has had a ureter ostomy since childhood. Around age 50 he started getting very sick, lethargic high fevers after 3 years of misdiagnosis, doctors and antibiotics, we found out he had hydrophrenosis from a blocked ureter.

A stent was put in. We were not told it would have to be changed every 3 months, which for him was actually every 8 weeks then every 6 weeks and the cost is not cheap. However the infections did slow down for about a year.

Then the infections kept coming back, and back and back until we were up to the big boy antibiotics, shots of Gentimicin. His radiologist asked if he had ever thought about reconstruction. No, no one had mentioned it was an option.

We went to a doctor to see about this. He said he would try it but, for my husband, it was going to be a massive surgery. Just to check something before the doctor did the surgery he ordered a balloon dilation of approx where the ostomy was cut and a piece of his colon was used, sorry I forgot the name of the procedure.

Thirty (30) days later he did two tests to check if his ureter was working well which was on 31 August 2017. To everyone's surprise his kidney is draining quite well. We were elated, floating in giddiness actually......

Until yesterday 2 September 2017 when he started getting very sick, lethargic high fevers. We have no clue who to see next, is he colonized now? How can we tell? What kind of doctor do we need? Is this common? We are back at the beginning only now his infections are far more resistant.

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