My Kidney Stent Experience

by Patriots

I am 30 years old and I have a renal calculus (kidney stone) of approximately 1 cm. This is the second time in five (5) years I have developed a stone.

On this last occasion, when I first went for treatment, the stone was not visible on the x ray so lithotripsy was not possible. After a year, however, it suddenly went into my ureter and caused me a lot of pain.

I was about to proceed on my foreign employment and did not have the time for lithotripsy, so my doctor inserted a renal stent for me.

Initially, it caused me a lot of discomfort and little pain. After almost one and a half months, however, it is getting better. I cannot do a lot of physical activities so I have restricted myself to walking only.

Sometimes when I hold in my urine, it causes me pain when I urinate after a long gap. I am going to remove the stent after four (4) months and I am looking forward to this.

So, this was my experience which, thankfully, has not been too bad.

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