My Kidney Stone Procedure and Stent

by Nancy
(Northport, MI)

I had two kidney stones on my left side, one 6 mm and the other 8mm. The doctor went up and blasted them. He said I would have to have a stent in for about a week after my surgery.

The surgery itself went well, but after I got home I encountered some difficulty. When I went to the bathroom to pee the night of surgery, I had air in my urethra, did not know if this was normal or not, and felt a lot of pressure on my bladder.

Called the doctor's office and they told me that was normal with having a String in there (it was not a string, but a thread, a long one attached to my urethra and wound in circles, tapped to my leg, which kind of shocked me. When he said it had a string on, I figured like a Tampon string, wow, was I wrong, long black thread.

I also wanted to know if I could take a bath with that there, they said I could. So all week long it did not feel good and I swear I have bladder infection, but they said that was because the stent was in there, and it seemed to increase in pressure and felt like I had to pee all the time. They only gave me 6 anti-biotic pills, so 3 days of those only, take every 12 hours.

So a week went by and I finally went to get the stent out. I felt pretty awful by then, and was happy to get it out. The taking out wasn't pleasant, but it really did not hurt very much. I told them I thought I had bladder infection, they took a sample and told me they would not have the results for 2 days, and they would not give me any antibiotics to take home.

I was given one before the doctor took the stent out and that is all. I guess I didn't imagine how long the stent was either, kind of shocked me, that that was in my body. I could see why I was uncomfortable.

Then the next day I got a horrible pain in my side, worse than before when I had the stones and the feeling of pressure, so I called them again. They told me to take pain pills, that it was probably from the trauma of having the stent out. I took two pain pills one at 3:30pm and another at 10:00pm before I went to bed.

I awoke at 2:30pm and had to vomit. I got up in the am and my stomach was not well, but I did go to work. I did eat breakfast, cereal. I came home for lunch, and ate a sandwich, I threw up the sandwich right after. So I called the doctor's office again, and when she finally got to me, hours later, said that they were not sure is was a reaction to the pain medicine, as I hadn't taken it that morning and threw up at noon. (I assume it was still in my system.) I was told that if I had a temperature, starting vomiting, or severe pain to go to the ER, several times she told me this. She said you could have a virus, which I didn't think it was.

I also reminded them of the feeling I was having of bladder infection, but they said the results weren't in yet. Today would be 2 days still have not heard from them. So I guess they got tired of me calling them and more or less said don't bother me, go to ER.

Well thank God I felt better today, did not throw up and could eat normally again, so I pray I'm on my way to recovery, and pray I do not have to go through this again. Not trying to scare any one, but this was not a good experience for me.

The doctor is sending me to a specialist to see why I develop the calcium stones. I have had so many kidney stones in my life, but this was the worst I've ever felt. I had surgery twice before, but no stent in. I understand why it had to be put in, but it does not feel good for the week you have to leave it in.

I am also older now, 65 years old, so of course, it is probably harder for me to recover from surgery. I still feel like I have bladder infection and sure would like to know if I do. If I have to, I will go to my own doctor and find out, if they don't call.

I just wonder if the Urologist office is so busy, (and I know they are,) that they just don't want to deal with the questions people have after surgery... We don't know what is normal and what isn't. So I was disappointed when told go to the ER!! Shouldn't be that way!!! Thanks for listening. Had the surgery on the 24th of January and today is 2/2/2017.

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