My life with Stents!

by Lori Weatherman
(Sophia , NC )

I have had an indwelling stent since the year 1992. I get my stent changed every three (3) to four (4) months.

I encountered my stent when I had my colon removed due to Ulcerative Colitis . My ureters were scarred and several operations were required, which led to the removal of my right ureter and small ileal transplant for my ureter.

My left ureter was replaced with Bladder flap transplant . My left kidney does not function so I wear the indwelling stent.

Here recently my stent has been coming out of my kidney. I had emergency surgery recently to replace my stent because when I urinated it came through my urethra. Not completely out but enough for discomfort and surgery.

It felt as if it slipped again. I'm getting nervous of the possibly that my left kidney is dying and has no way to hold the stent.

But that's my story... I'm hoping for the best.

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