My Third Stent

by Kelly
(Ripley, MS USA)

In November 2015 I had a cyst removed from my ovary. The cyst was huge and extended from my right ovary onto my left side. My ureteral tube was tangled around the cyst.

The doctor used some form of device with heat to untangle it. This caused holes in my tube. Stent was placed and after four (4) weeks it was removed. Eight days later I was sent for CT with dye, why not sooner I don't know.

I was skeptic and had a large amount of urine in my pelvis. After another stent placement and a week in the hospital I came home and kept this one in for six (6) weeks.

They went back in with a camera and removed the second stent, but placed a third stent since I wasn't totally healed. So now on my third stent and have to be put back to sleep again in March. If not healed then I will have to have major surgery to make new ureter tube.

I'm almost a month away from my next office visit and I'm experiencing fluid in my hands and feet. Pain is always worse with stents with external strings. I'm worried that something might be wrong. I can feel a swollen spot when I walk on my left side. I've never had fluid or swelling and it seems to be getting worse. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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