Natural Kidney Products

Natural kidney products and supplements are used by many people to relieve chronic kidney conditions and to boost kidney function.

Nutritional deficiencies, caused by poor dietary habits, are largely responsible for many chronic diseases.

An increasing number of people have discovered this, and are turning to natural products and treatments (sometimes referred to as alternative treatments), for relief from various chronic conditions and to boost general health.

Many patients have reported very good results using alternative treatments, without suffering the side-effects caused by some traditional medicines.

Some studies suggest that common underlying conditions that cause kidney failure, such as hypertension and diabetes, can be relieved by appropriate diet, nutrition and some natural kidney products (supplements).

As you may probably know, diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) are leading causes of kidney failure. The outcome of some studies suggests that it may be possible to lower blood pressure with a combination of vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals.

Nutraceuticals are components of foods or dietary supplements that have medicinal or therapeutic uses.
Natural Kidney Products

Foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts are the best sources of essential nutrients needed for optimum health. It is not always possible, however, to obtain adequate nutrients from the foods we consume on a daily basis. For various reasons, many of us are unable to consistently eat a balanced diet, and for those who are able to maintain a regular balanced diet, the quality of the foods we consume is not always very good. Improper farming techniques, excessive use of chemicals, and pollution of the air and water are some of the contributing factors to the poor quality of foods sold in our markets.

One additional consideration for using supplements is the fact that some herbs (especially those used in Chinese medicines), which are extremely beneficial to health, are not readily available in local markets. It is therefore, sometimes necessary to supplement our diets with natural products in order to acquire essential nutrients and other beneficial health properties of some herbs. Some kidney patients have reported good results after using natural kidney products, over a period of time.

While traditional medicines are still recommended for treating underlying conditions that affect the kidneys, an increasing number of patients are also using natural kidney products to supplement (and in some cases) replace traditional medicines.

If you are among the growing number of persons who may be considering using alternative treatments for kidney and other health problems, discuss the pros and cons with your health care provider. Consult a competent, reputable, registered naturopathic doctor, who can recommend appropriate natural kidney products and alternative treatments. To be most effective, however, supplements and natural products should be combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices.

Regular medical check-ups are also highly recommended, especially if you have been diagnosed with serious kidney or other health problems.