Not One, but Two Stents

by Joseph B. Dooley
(Newark, Ohio)

I was ill, with symptoms that were similar to when I had a Cyst in my Colon. I went to the hospital and they detected a LARGE kidney stone on the left side.

The next day they put in a stent and I went home. I do have some sort of a plastic thing coming out of my left side. A week or so later I had a severe pain in my lower RIGHT abdomen, which was caused by a larger kidney stone on the right side.

The next day they put a stent in the right side, but with nothing sticking out on the right.

Now I have to urinate frequently. I have no pain, but a strange "sensation" when I awake, almost every two hours. Last night I did not get much sleep, since I have had some difficulty sleeping on my left side. Not because of pain, but I just know the tube is there.

After a week, I am still bleeding a bit and I sometimes experience dizziness and weakness. In general, however, I am alright.

Our local Urologist is unable to "work" on the stones but I have an appointment at the Ohio State University Hospital on the 23rd of January, with a Kidney Stone specialist.

Not sure what the future holds but I am hopeful. I am 82 years old and I had a "spell" of the Gout about 50 years ago and a bout with kidney stones about 30 years ago.

With my third operation, the Urologists did a complete "rebuild" of the system. I was on the table for six hours. The problem was Uric Acid stones and I did not imagine I would ever have a problem again... but I was wrong.

My Quality of Living is now at about 70% ... I sometimes feel light headed and dizzy, but it's not too bad. My wife is a Cancer Survivor, has AFib, so my days are spent taking care of her, gladly. Perhaps it takes my mind off of my problems ....

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Jan 08, 2015
Kidney Stents and Stones
by: CCrosthwaite54

My heart goes out to you!
I am much younger, 60 last summer. Not sure exactly what you have that is sticking out. I had a stent in my left ureter because a kidney stone (1.7 centimeter) caused a complete blockage! Stent removed after two lithotripsies to break up stones (there were quite a few I found out later.) Another blockage occurred, but my urologist didn't think I would need another stent inserted. I'm now stone free. Mine were calcium oxalate, although I have had several bouts of gout flare up years ago!
My husband has Afib, the beginning of Alzheimer's disease (which is made worse when dealing with stressful situations), and is now dealing with prostate issues.
I have been fortunate to get benign results for two for the mass on my left kidney and the other for a mass removed just last month from my breast through a surgical biopsy. My Mom was a breast cancer survivor and my sister a survivor or uterine and ovarian cancer.
May you and your wife be blessed with good health in the coming New Year!
Good luck with whatever procedure they decide to do. Keep us informed. Isn't there something they can give you to stop the stones from forming?

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