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One and a half Years - Cancer & Stents

by Dale
(Yarmouth Maine )

My wife for the last year and a half has been through her second bout with cancer. This time, colorectal cancer.

About two or maybe three weeks after our last treatment, at this time she was feeling like maybe she was getting her life back. And then all of a sudden she started having flank Pains along with all lower extremities. So I rushed her to the ER and after 11 hours and a cat scan the doctor or interns decided that she had scar tissue that was putting enough pressure on the exit tubes to cause a blockage.

So along come the stent, which has caused discomfort 24-7, accompanied by many sleepless nights.

It needed to be shortens by 4 cm but the pain was still there and it is even worse now. So yesterday she had the stent removed and now she can't pee but a trickle and the pain is breaking her down. We are at a lost and would listen to anybody's thoughts.

Thanks for your time and patients with my story.

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