Painful Kidney Stent

by Sam

I had a kidney stent fitted eight (8) weeks ago, to relieve blockage from a kidney stone...

I am due for surgery anytime and the pain is unbearable... I'm exhausted. I took three (3) days off work!!! but 8 weeks later I am still off, sick. I can barely push a hoover let alone walk to work and do a days grating.

My doctor (GP) has been great and has said not to return to work until the stents out!! I really wish I had not had this done and just coped with the constant pain from the kidney stones!! Although, it is good that I did have the stent because I could have ended up with kidney failure!

There was no flow of urine from my one kidney at all. Nothing was explained to me when I was discharged from hospital. I just got a discharge letter saying a stent was fitted and back in 8 weeks for second attempt!

I went to visit the doctor last week and was told the pain is the stent stretching in my kidney and urethra, and the slightest damage to it will cause fibrosis!!

I am totally and utterly fed up with this stent.

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