Removing a Kidney Stent From a Female (Question?)

by Christeen

I am a disabled veteran that had a 6mm stone, which took three surgeries to remove.

I have duplicated kidneys on both the left and right side. They are now going in with the scope to remove it. My question is, the PA said I would be in a sort of standing position but with having my knees bent almost to the point of sitting. They'd go in with the scope and remove the Stent that way.

This seems weird to me. She also said only a cream would be use to numb the area. Did I step into the stone age with this procedure? I'm a victim of serious sexual trauma on multiple occurrences. This seems as though this might cause flash backs of which would be a serious issue for me.

When asked could I please be put under, the answer was, "we don't do that". This is the VA Hospital I'm speaking of.

Does anyone know of anything I can do? Or can anyone explain the positioning while having the Stent removed, maybe this could help me. I don't know but they said it can't just simply stay in.

I don't want to be a problem for someone, however, I don't want to relive what I've dealt with in silence for 90% of my life either.

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May 06, 2017
Removing female stent
by: Anonymous

I have always had mine removed in the position like at the gyno office, but at end of table in stirrups & then they numb the area with a cream & flush it out using a machine that has a water hose & I think the dr pulls it with instruments maybe. I try not to look its uncomfortable & you feel lots of pressure when they pull it out but not really painful, just uncomfortable. I have had this 3 times, have a stent in now that they will take out in a week and then another surgery and they will likely put another one in for another week:(

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