Second Time Having Kidney Stent

by Jenny Althen
(New Haven, MO)

I have kidney stones. The first two stones I passed by myself. The third, I needed morphine to get through the worst part and then the stone came out about a day later.

The first time, the stent was put in after the kidney stones were removed. The doctor said I could work. I work in a factory... do some lifting and a lot of the same movements over and over again. Speed is the main objective.

When I would get to work it wouldn't hurt, then after working several hours it would become sore. It was very uncomfortable and painful. It felt like it was rubbing me raw. I tried several days and then I just couldn't do it anymore.

This time I had pain and thought it was a stone because I could feel that the pain was moving down. But I never passed it. Then I got terribly sick, nauseous, sweating, and dizzy at work. Finally, I was good enough to stand up and go to the emergency room.

After doing an x-ray or cat scan, can't remember which, it was determined that I had some large stones and that either one or two were stuck.

They put a stent in to open things up. The stone or stones stopped the stent from getting to the kidney. They had to push the stones up to get to the kidney.

It was on a weekend, and I'm not sure if that is why they didn't do the whole procedure, but they only put the stent in. This time I wasn't even going to try to go to work. Now, I'm staying home the pain has gotten better, just feel crappy yet.

The stones were blocking the kidneys. When they got the stent in they said there was a gush. Now, I have to go back and have the stones removed by laser. They tell me that the stent will come out at that time.

My advice would be to anyone who has to have a stent inserted, take the time off of work if you have a very physical job. At least plan for it and if you just can't make it through you can take off.

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