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Side Effects of Kidney Stent

by Diane McCormick
(Panama City, FL)

My daughter, 39 years of age, had a stent placed in her ureter during a hysterectomy where the doctor found that one of her kidneys was not functioning properly and the stent was placed.

A catheter was placed to help with the frequent urination caused from the hysterectomy and the stent. She bled and urinated constantly with the catheter. She said she had no feeling of the need to urinate, it just flowed as it pleased, which was almost constantly.

When they removed the catheter, she still had a continuous flow of urine and no feeling of "having to go". She finally had to resort to adult diapers.

This patient is only 39 years of age and is wearing adult diapers!

The doctor doesn't seem to be in any hurry to take the stent out and after reading on this website, I see that the stent can remain in place for months. Why would she lose all bladder control and will removing the stent help?

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