Stent Fear Worse Than Actual Stent

by Randy
(Phoenixville, PA )

I am a 44 year old male who was diagnosed with a 9.5mm stone about a month ago. This was my first stone.

A few days after being sent to the ER from an Urgent Care center, I was scheduled for surgery. The procedure was a lithotripsy with stent. I was put under for the procedure and when I woke up, I could feel something in my side, but nothing too bad at all. It was in for two weeks and then I was sent out for a CAT scan to ensure the stone was gone. Unfortunately, it was not.

There was 5mm piece and some smaller fragments still present. I was scheduled for another procedure - this time it was a laser lithotripsy with stent replacement. Again, I was put under - so no big deal.

The worst part for me was the fear of the stent removal process. I knew I would be awake in a doctor's office. I spent 100 hours or more on google watching videos and reading blogs. In reality, I had it removed today.

Although it wasn't fun, the fear was the worst part. My doctor put some Lidocane in my penis and then came back 15 minutes later. Not bad at all. Then he used a Cystoscope that looked scarier than it was. He inserted it gently and there was a sensation, but not painful. He grabbed the stent and pulled it out and then pulled the scope out within 30 seconds.

Twenty (20) minutes for entire procedure and just some minor sensations, minor burning and lots of unnecessary fear. There will be blood and a burning sensation the night after, but that should go away quickly, I was told.

Now, I'll have a great bar story to tell! Good luck and stop panicking if you are nervous.

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